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Come to our  meditation group or learn how to meditate on a one to one meditation session.
I channel a group of souls called The Michaels who say that the ultimate goal of our existence on this planet is to unite through self acceptance of who we really are and acceptance of others with unconditional love. To determine who we are and provide clues as to why we react and behave the way we do, Sue produces your ‘Overleaf Chart' through channeling the teachings of the spiritual entity known as Michael.
The Overleaf chart describes in great detail a map of your soul or essence as manifested in your personality. It identifies the key aspects of your soul that were necessary in order for you to learn the lessons you chose to learn. These lessons were chosen by you whilst in spirit and you may have lived many lifetimes on this planet trying to learn such lessons.
Aspects such as your Role, are you a Server, a Scholar, a Warrior for example.  What is your Goal and how do you try to achieve this? What is you attitude, i.e. are you an Idealist, a Realist, or Skeptic etc and what is the ‘Chief Feature?’ that which drives you, is it Arrogance or Impatience?  Greed or Stubbornness?
In addition to mapping these aspects of your personality the Overleaf Chart goes further identifying the positive and negative parts of each. Knowing these will provide clues as to how you can recognize and choose to behave from positive or negative parts. By choosing to act from the positive parts your essence or inner being can grow and express itself.
Understanding your own ‘Soul Map’ and choosing the positive parts can often help you with difficult situations and relationships. 
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